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Dupensac Relaxation and comfort Product Description Pocket springs for total independence in your sleep. Pocket springs are encased coils. Individual... View Article

Black Titan

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Black Titan Maybe, the best mattress in the world. Product Description At DUPEN, we have developed what, perhaps, is the... View Article


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Soho Innovation and technology. Product Description Innovation and technology made available to our customers. Download Brochure


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Prestige Perfect adaptation and firmness. Product Description Perfect adaptation with 3 areas of firmness Unh mattress with high-end topper that... View Article

Dupen Gold

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Dupen Gold Perfect and natural. Product Description The most advanced coil system of pocket springs. The double special multipocket springs... View Article

Energy Sport

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Energy Sport Product Description The Biocrystal is an innovative material that comes from the natural composition of sixteen crystals combined... View Article